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Norbert Häring ist seit 1997 Wirtschaftsjournalist. Vorher arbeitete der promovierte Volkswirt einige Jahre für eine große deutsche Bank. Er engagiert sich in der World Economics Association für eine weniger einseitige und dogmatische Ökonomik. Er ist Träger des Publizistik-Preises der Keynes-Gesellschaft und des Deutschen Wirtschaftsbuchpreises von getAbstract (Ökonomie 2.0).


Despite some BIS-economists: Deleveraging does matter

Outstanding credit to the private sector in the euro area has been shrinking for a long time. It is shrinking fast in several peripheral countries and the European Central Bank (ECB) seems unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Given that the economy of the euro area is barely crawling out of recession and that inflation is predicted to be significantly below the central bank's target rate for the next two years at least, this seems troublesome. Two economists of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) help out

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Saving might be a virtue for people, but it is a vice for economies

Fabian Lindner of the German macro-economic research institute IMK has submitted a very timely and well-argued piece to the World Economic Reviw: “Does Saving Increase the Supply of Credit? A Critique of Loanable Funds Theory”. He takes on influential theses of luminaries from Larry Summers, over Ben Bernanke to Hans-Werner Sinn by tracing them back to the loanable-funds-fallacy - a fallacy which still rules standard textbooks. His main proposition is simple and not refutable: firms and economies do not operate at full capacity. All research and surveys show that

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The power of gold: Why Deutsche Bundesbank had to promise to leave 1200 tons in New York 41*
How India became Bill Gates' guinea pig: A conspiracy as recounted by the main actors (Feb 17)  24*
Was it worth it for Schäuble? What did he gain by blocking Varoufakis’11 February proposal? (Feb 15) 20
More evidence of early US involvement in Indian demonetisation (Jan 17) 18*
IMF tells governments how to subvert public resistance against elimination of cash (Apr 17)  18*
 Modi, Yunus and the financial inclusion mafia (March 17 19 
A $500 bn pot of gold: How Boston Consulting and Google pushed Modi to end the era of cash (Jan 17) 15
Draghi insists on continuing the G30-scandal - new report is out (Oct 15) 13
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Economics as Superstructure: Presentation at the House of Lords (March 15) 7.8
George Soros' INET: An institute to improve the world or a Trojan horse of the financial oligarchy? (March 14)  6.2

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