Datensicherheit, Strato und Hushmail

Zu dieser Kolumne weist ein Leser wohl zu Recht darauf hin, dass es wohl so toll mit der Datensicherheit bei Hushmail auch nicht ist. Mir lag es auch fern, Werbung für meinen Provider zu machen: “interessant ihr Hinweis auf Hushmail/Sicherheit(s.auch Die Zeit v. 29. Januar 2013). Auszug aus den HushmailAngaben: If you have an encrypted email in your account, it will

be stored on the Hush servers encrypted. If you have an unencrypted email in your account, it will be stored on the Hush servers unencrypted.
Information we record may include your IP address, your browser type, browser language, date and time of the action, account usernames, sender and recipient email addresses, file names of attachments,
subjects of emails, URLs in the bodies of unencrypted email, and any other information that we deem necessary to record for the purposes of maintaining the system and preventing abuse.
When you are signed into your account, Hush displays your recent sign-in activity including the time, date, approximate geographic location, and the IP address of the ISP you used to access the
Internet. We do this to assist you in identifying any unauthorized access to your account by a third party. The information we use to display this is gathered from our records; we do not track your actual
The records we keep of your activities are permanently deleted after approximately 18 months. Records that are stored for statistical purposes may be kept indefinitely…..
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