From October, Microsoft will check everything you do on your Windows computer

22 September 2023 | From 30 September, new terms and conditions will apply to Microsoft customers. If you do not adhere to a vague code of conduct when using products of the quasi-monopolist, your account can be blocked and you can lose access to all paid or free services and your data stored there. Recourse […]

BIS unveils dystopian plan for new monetary system with digital central bank money

27 Jule 2023 | The Bank for International Settlements, which coordinates the work of Western countries on digital central bank money, has published a blueprint of the envisaged new monetary system with central bank digital currencies. It gives you the creeps and exposes the window dressing of the EU Commission and the European Central Bank […]

The Global Listening Project: the globalists want to know what we are thinking

15 June 2023 | Hardly anyone knows about the Global Listening Project. Those responsible seem to like it this way. A project that pretends to be emphatically interested in the concerns of people all over the world, has many traits that speak of a desire to manipulate populations into accepting the policies and goals of […]

UN to roll out EU approach to online censorship worldwide

13 June 2023 | UN Secretary-General António Guterres has presented a programme which aims to ensure that content disrupting the “empirically supported consensus on facts, science and knowledge” disappears from online platforms and online media. He is calling content providers’ ability to “undermine scientifically established facts with disinformation” nothing less than “an existential risk to […]

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