Table of contents

The Endgame of Capitalism

A giant Ponzi scheme runs its course as elites prepare for the day after

Endspiel des Kapitalismus



Part 1: Power to the corporations

A pandemic exposes the prerogatives of capital

Applause instead of money for the systemically important

Cui bono?

Subsidies for tax fugitives

Luxury booms in the crisis

The power of corporate lobbies

World government illustrated: The World Economic Forum

Elite control made in USA

Beauty contest before a jury of investors

An exclusive club of powerful corporations

The Institution for Public-Private Partnership

The Digital-Divide-narrative as an example

A better Bilderberg

Choosing and grooming the next elite generation

Corporate control with Pontifical blessing and academic ordination

The corporate world governance system

The sellout of the UN

Governance substitutes government – plutocracy replaces democracy

He who sets the standards has the power

The signature of Silicon Valley


Part 2: The nature of modern capitalism

The capital of Robinson Crusoe

The sources of profit

Capitalism according to Peter Thiel: Competition is for losers

Monopolies thanks to intellectual property

Massively Excessive Patent Protection

Excursion: A look back at early capitalism

The influence of land rents

Capital is a measure of market power

Capital is a constraint on production

Capital, labor and unemployment

Money in capitalism

Where does the money come from?

Why doesn’t everyone start a bank?

Where does the money go?

Money creation and interest as pillars of capital’s power

Money is the right to use society’s resources

Central banks in the service of capital

The role of the financial sector

Invented values as fuel for enrichment

Shareholder value: squeezing out companies like lemons

The “cost of capital”: profits redefined as costs

Making everybody play by the rules of capital

Tax evasion services for the rich and powerful

Enabling monopoly

Concentration of wealth

Capital, state and democracy

Social mega-machines

Government bonds: government power for sale

Democracy in in tune with the market

Capital rules politics


Part 3: The endgame of capitalism

A crisis with a long history

Capitalism at zero interest

Large eats small and moves towards higher grounds

Run for your lives

From capitalism to neo-feudalism

Singularity: The New Immortality

Sunshine on Credit in the Brave New World

Excursion: The geopolitics of the endgame

Lockstep – The Rockefeller Foundation’s blueprint

Lockstep: Ten years later

Amazon leads the way

ID2020: A number for every global citizen

The abolition of cash

Universal basic income

Smart City: People on a leash

Soma for all

Perfecting surveillance with contact tracing

LifeLog: A logfile of our lives

The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum


Part 4: Building a social market economy without capitalism

The crash as an opportunity

Society as a symbiosis

The company as a social institution

Owner-managed companies are fine

Tying capital to the company goes mainstream

The employee-owned company

The cooperative with tied capital

A financial cector serving society

Monetary system and central bank in the service of the population

Investment without capitalism

Market or state


Infrastructure and public services

Social Insurance

Effective competition policy

Public knowledge for the benefit of all

A policy of balance

More leisure time and social commitment

Disarmament for peace and the environment

Political power to the people as a basic requirement

Emancipation from the shadow powers

Compatibility with EU and monetary union

What we can do individually

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