What it’s about

I do have issues with the way the fee to finance public radio and tv (Rundfunkbeitrag) is determined and levied, but this is not why I chose to sue for being allowed to pay this fee in cash. Rather, my aim is to have the highest court determine that state authorities have to accept the legal tender. I chose this path because I found out that there was a globally coordinated campaign to abolish cash with the participation of governments and central banks (see Money System – War on Cash). The aim of this campaign is to eliminate financial privacy and self-determination of the citizens and to consolidate the control of the financial and IT-industries over money and data of the citizens.

Since using cash is the only remaining way to preserve our financial privacy and freedom of action in the face of the elimination of banking secrecy and total surveillance of digital money transactions, I am fighting for the right to settle payment obligations with cash at will.

This does not mean that I am opposed to use a card for payments, if more convenient. What is important is that we retain the power to make sure that our bank account information does not turn into a near-complete log of our life.

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