Books by Norbert Häring

Most recent book (in German)

Brave new Money“Schönes neues Geld: PayPal, WeChat, Amazon Go – Uns droht eine totalitäre Weltwährung” (Brave New Money: PayPal, WeChat, Amazon Go – A Totalitarian World Currency in the Making). An English translation of the introduction and part of chapter one, which together serve as a summary, is available. The book exposes an international conspiracy to abolish cash by governernments, central banks, international banks and IT-corporations, with a Better Than Cash Alliance and a Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion as key players. It explains the motivation of the players and the dangers for the populations. The workings of the campaigns are demonstrated with the examples of India, Kenya and several more countries.The book was also published in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Books in English

Economists and the PowerfulEconomists and the Powerful: Convenient Theories, Distorted Facts, Ample Rewards” (with NIall Douglas) 2012. This book puts power in various guises back into economic theory, from which economic textbooks have largely purged it over time. Power in finance, power in the labour market and market power are a few examples. This purging was, as we show, done to serve the interests of the powerful, who prefer to have their power be invisible, lest people would rebel against it. Anthem. 260 pages. $29,95.


Economics 2.0: What the Best Minds in Economics Can Teach You About Business and Life.” (with Olaf Storbeck) 2008. The original German version of this book (Ökonomie 2.0) won the prize for the German economics book of the year by getAbstract. It was translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and italian. The book is in the Freakonomics-tradition, presenting often surprising results of experimental and statistical (econometric) research done by economists in all walks of life. It was written at a time when I had still more faith in economic research and was not yet quite as suspicious of economists’ scientific imperialism. Still, it is well worth a read with this caveat. Macmillan. 256 pages. $7,99.

For a annotated, complete list of Norbert Häring’s books see German section of this blog under Blog / Autor.

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