How WHO is controlling social media

4 December 2022 | The World Health Organization (WHO) has a webpage, which lists and describes the various ways in which the UN-organization, which is predominantly financed by large corporations and their foundations, is controlling and manipulating social media to make sure that only their version of science and truth gets distributed widely. It is […]

A new draft of the Pandemic Treaty thickens the veil over its true intentions

21. April 2024 | The latest draft of the WHO pandemic treaty for the upcoming meeting of the negotiating body at the end of the month disguises even more than the previous one the intention to make the systematic surveillance and manipulation of the public dsicourse on health issues the international norm. 

The EU is getting ready for total control of the digital space

15 April 2024 | Under the pretext of promoting “civic” engagement, the EU Commission is funding the development of artificially intelligent software for the survellance and manipulation of social media – for use of state-funded, private watchdogs and government agencies. Preparatory work has been done in the USA. In the event of a “crisis”, all […]

Global governance by corporations to be enshrined at the UN Future Summit

3 December 2023 | The complete subjugation of the UN to corporate interests, which the World Economic Forum outlined with its Global Redesign Initiative in 2010 and has successfully pursued since then, is to be enshrined in the rules and regulations of the world organisation at the UN Future Summit in 2024. This is important […]

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