UN to roll out EU approach to online censorship worldwide

13 June 2023 | UN Secretary-General António Guterres has presented a programme which aims to ensure that content disrupting the “empirically supported consensus on facts, science and knowledge” disappears from online platforms and online media. He is calling content providers’ ability to “undermine scientifically established facts with disinformation” nothing less than “an existential risk to humanity”.

With his policy brief “Intormation Inegrity on Digital Platforms”, the UN Secretary-General, goes below the level of toothpaste TV commercials to sell his anti-scientific-totalitarian programme, which unquestioningly presupposes a defined scientific truth and demonises disputes about it. Blown up to page size, the report says: “75% of UN peacekeepers said misinformation and disinformation impacted their safety and security”.

Elsewhere one then reads: “70% of UN peacekeepers said misinformation and disinformation had SEVERE, CRITICAL or little (moderate) influence on their work”.

So those who said the impact was low (moderate) were lumped together with wevere and critical in order to arrive at a high figure, and yet the proportion is five percentage points lower than the 75 per cent who allegedly feel their security is compromised by “disinformation”. This is highly dubious and it does not add up.This, then, is the standard of truth that the UN wants to enforce as a global ministry of truth.

Probably to distract from this, “severe” and “critical” are printed large and bold, “moderate” is added only in about a third of the font size. Such methods do not instill trust in how the UN intends to ensure “information integrity” on the internet.

Guterres sinks even lower with the graphically emphasized statement: “Hate speech has been a precursor to atrocity crimes including GENOCIDE”.

That is of course true. But by far the most and worst of these crimes predate the internet. As a rule, hate speech that incited genocide did not come from opposition minorities, but from the government or other powerful groups that would not be curbed by censorship measures, but would rather use them themselves to amplify their hate messages. Linking doubters of man-made climate change or of the efficacy of mRNA-vaccination to genocide is demagogic.

The plans of the UN

Following the example of the EU, whose Digital Services Act and “voluntary” code of conduct for internet platforms are presented and praised in the paper, the Secretary-General announces that the UN will hold broad consultations with stakeholders to develop a UN code of conduct, including mechanisms for enforcement.

He will also establish a dedicated capacity “to scale up the response to online disinformation or misinformation and hate speech”. Based on expert monitoring and analysis, this office will “develop tailored communication strategies to anticipate or respond quickly to threats before they cause harm”.

This sounds like a large-scale project to monitor and manipulate public opinion.

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“We own the science”: How the UN became the Ministry of Truth
9 October 2022 | Totalitarianism is when the authorities determine what is (scientific) truth and censor everything else. In a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum, a high ranking UN official declared this totalitarian approach to be guiding the actions of the UN. She also reported on the toolbox which the UN employs to force its truth on the world. Some governments are even going further, already. They are making it a punishable offence to deviate from the officially decreed truth.

Compulsory vaccination forever – WHO adopts digital EU Covid certificate as global standard
5 June 2023 | In June, the legal basis for the digital EU Covid certificates expires. These allow proof of vaccinations or tests which are required for travel or participation in social activites. The WHO is now adopting this digital infrastructure as a permanent model for global travel. Thus, the requirment for anyone wishing to travel to follow up-to-date WHO vaccination recommendations will become a permanent feature. The WHO will be able to activate it any time, if given the new powers foreseen in the pandemic treaty and the reformed International Health Regulations.

WHO wants to make manipulation of public opinion mandatory for governements
24 February 2023 | WHO’s governing body has signed off on a draft resolution on the use of behavioural sciences in health policy. A pamphlet issued by the Rockefeller Foundation makes clear what it is really about: extensive manipulation of public opinion n the interests of a world authority that believes itself to be in possession of scientific truth.

WHO is covering the world with a network of truth keepers
14 December 2022 | A global truth ministry, as WHO wants to be, has to do a lot to enforce its own truth and that of its pharmaceutical industry backers. To achieve this, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now organizing trainings all over the world to train trainers who will train truth-keepers.

How WHO is controlling social media
4 December 2022 | The World Health Organization (WHO) has a webpage, which lists and describes the various ways in which the UN-organization, which is predominantly financed by large corporations and their foundations, is controlling and manipulating social media to make sure that only their version of science and truth gets distributed widely. It is a scary and outrageous read.


Foto: Sebastian Rentsch
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