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Welcome to the weblog Money and More by Norbert Häring, a non-commercial after-work blog on economic and social issues that does not spy on its readers.

For the lifetime you invest here, you will receive information, analysis and comments that you will rarely find in the other media. I usually report or comment only if I think that a topic or an important aspect of it is missing in the mass-media.

One focus is on money and the financial system. The consequences of the fact that we live in a money economy and not in a barter economy are very often misrepresented or completely ignored – especially by economists. Misunderstandings about what money (and capital) is, how it is produced and distributed, and what can go wrong in the process are therefore widespread. Anyone who is caught up in such misunderstandings can neither understand nor deal properly with financial crises and debt crises. He or she also cannot understand the nature and functioning of capitalism.

Cash plays a special role for me, above all because it is the last remaining oasis of privacy in an financial lifes of citizens that are otherwise under almost complete surveillance. In a lawsuit about the right to pay the fee for the public broadcasters in cash, which has reached the European Court of Justice (ECJ), I am trying to clarify that many of the government measures against the use of cash are illegal. In this way, I want to both alert the public to the issue and throw the spanners in the wheels of a long-term, large-scale international campaign to abolish cash.

Suggestions and comments are welcome and will all be read. However, please forgive me for not being able to answer all of them or if the answers should be shorter than you would expect them to be. I owe a lot of the exclusive information on this blog to leads from readers, for which I would like to thank you very much.


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I recommend that you don’t rely on Google or social media to be informed about new posts that interest you or to inform others. Open and covert censorship of the Internet is increasing. This site or other unorthodox websites can disappear from your radar at any time if you rely on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Co.

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