About Money

Money and the financial system are key themes of my blogging. The consequences of the fact that we live in a money economy and not in a barter economy are very often misrepresented or completely ignored – especially by economists. Misunderstandings about what money (and capital) is, how it is produced and distributed, and what can go wrong in the process are therefore widespread. Anyone who is caught up in such misunderstandings can neither understand nor deal properly with financial crises and debt crises. He or she also cannot understand the nature and functioning of capitalism.

Cash plays a special role for me, above all because it is the last remaining oasis of privacy in an financial lifes of citizens that are otherwise under almost complete surveillance.

The menu-item #CashChallenge contains my call to arms for all friends of cash and the reasons why I think cash urgently needs to be defended.

The other three menu-items are dossiers, which collect my blog posts on the respective themes.

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