The left debating basic income

31 July 2022 | Universal basic income has a lot of support among the left but also faces a lot of criticism or even hostility from the left. As on of the critics of I have used a book defending basic income against criticism from the left to check my beliefs against counter-arguments from the […]

Edward Snowden warns against digital financial fascism

14 July 2022 | It’s been nine years since Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s global data siphoning shocked the world. But instead of suffering a setback, the U.S. has since expanded its data theft. That’s why it’s important to look at how Snowden evaded surveillance, and what he recommends we do to preserve our […]

Study exposes the lie of financial inclusion through big data and elimination of cash

16 June 2022 | Those who are pushing for the abolition of cash and the surveillance and classification of people with artificial intelligence like to pose as helpers of those previously excluded from the formal financial sector. They talk of financial inclusion. A recent economic study shows that the few disadvantaged people who are helped […]

WHO’s global pandemic treaty could open the gates into a transhumanistic future

2 April 2022 | Video (CC EN) |  In the first article on the global pandemic treaty of the World Health Organization, I found fears largely confirmed that the WHO could become a health-supergovernment and establish a permanent pandemic regime. Another worry I had found expressed was that it could be used to further the […]

The nature of modern capitalism

(…) Surprisingly, at least for textbook economists, it turns out that during times when companies invested a lot, the valuation of companies on the capital market fell. By contrast, when they invested little, the value of the companies rose. The same surprising result was reached by three U.S. economists who investigated the factors that drove […]

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