The World Economic Forum is planning the “Great Reset” to prevent it from happening

July 29, 2020 | The club of the world’s richest people and the largest nature-destroying corporations wants the “Great Reset”. Instead of poverty, disease, overpopulation and destruction of nature, the mega-rich promise us a fair world in harmony with nature. Despite its obvious absurdity and the cynicism behind it, this initiative should not be ignored. […]

Rockefeller Foundation keeps working on their autocratic Lock Step scenario

July 13, 2020. Ten years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation published the eerily prescient, autocratic Lock-Step-Scenario and, apparently, has been working to make it true. The most recent initiative in this regard is a cooperation of the Rockefeller-funded GAVI immunization alliance with Mastercard and a biometric ID company named TrustStamp.

How our governments got to promise to promote and protect US digital companies

May 15, 2020 | The US government has founded the G20 group comprising of the most important economic nations. It plays a key role in setting its agenda. US corporations dominate the World Economic Forum and the most important international industry associations and regulators. If they all work together to take advantage of a global […]

Video-Interview on The Real News Network

May 14, 2020 | The Real News Network (TRNN) from Baltimore did an interview with me on “Who’s Fighting the War Against Cash?”, which is now online. It covers the Better Than Cash Alliance, Indian Demonetization and my courtcase on the right to use cash. Below is a link to the interview and some interesting […]

Lock Step – The eerily prescient pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation

May 12, 2020 | Many people find Event 201 rather creepy, the role-play exercise around a novel-corona-virus pandemic, that the Gates-Foundation, Johns-Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum organized weeks before the Covid-19-pandemic started. Even more creepy and impressive, though, is the lesser known Lock Step scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation dating from the year […]

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