Brave New Money: Engl. Translation of “Schönes neues Geld”. Part 2 and End.

The trend toward a digital world currency: The winner takes all is a basic rule of the digital economy. Whoever is ahead has a large advantage, just from being ahead, and has a good chance to end up as a quasi-monopolist. This has two main reasons, called network effects and economies of scale. Network effects […]

Top 10 most read stories

Page views in Thousands.* Note: most entries on this Website are in German. This is a list of the most-read English stories, only. Last updated, 10 April 2018. A well-kept open secret: Washington is behind Inida’s brutal Experiment of abolishing most cash  (Jan 17)  223 Was it worth it? Concessions to Greece relative to the rejected […]

Modi, Yunus and the financial inclusion mafia

The war on cash that is currently being waged in India and other developing countries is the culmination of a “financial inclusion”-campaign originating in the US in the 1990s. The purported goal and the US institutions pushing the agenda are the same as in two earlier financial-inclusion-drives, which have been thoroughly discredited: the subprime mortgage banking […]

Indian ministers and CEOs flock to the US to report to the digital colonizers

5. 03. 2017 To “prepare the next generation of world leaders”, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will hold its 2017 MIT India Conference, this time on “Digital India”. Members of the Indian government and CEOs are travelling to Cambridge to report on the “success” of the US inspired crackdown on the use of cash. As […]

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