Defense contractor Thales calls digital vaccination passes “precursor” to universal digital identification

30 August 2021 | Thales, one of the largest international defense contractors, calls the digital vaccination passport a precursor to universal mobile-digital identity credentials. Thales thus confirms my analysis and my worst fears.

Under the headline “How digital ID can help citizens access government services from anywhere,” Kristel Teyras, in charge of the defense contractor Thales’ Digital Identity Services portfolio, writes:

“”So-called digital ‘vaccination passports’ will play a key role in enabling citizens to access all manner of services and will act as a precursor to the rollout of mobile digital IDs.”

The pandemic, she writes, has acted as a catalyst for a major shift in consumer behavior, toward the widespread digitization of public and private services. On the role of digital vaccination passports and barriers to access for the unvaccinated in driving this trend forward, the article states:

“”Even as we start to return to a sense of normality, this digitalisation of services looks set to gather momentum. This is, in part, due to governments around the world asking their citizens to carry digital health passes to prove they are doubly vaccinated or have a negative test before they can access certain services.”

It then points to “one of the largest digital identity projects ever,” which the EU has kicked off with the framework for a Europe-wide Digital Identity:

“”The ambition is huge; both in terms of scale – as it applies to all EU member states – and also in the power it would grant to citizens throughout the Bloc. For the first time, citizens would be able to use a European Digital Identity wallet, from their phone, that would give them access to services in any region across Europe. “

If we want to remove the gloss and bring the function of a ubiquitous digital proof of identity into line with that of its supposed “forerunner,” the digital vaccination passport, we would only have to replace “be able to” with “have to.” It would then read: “For the first time, citizens would have to use a European Digital Identity wallet, from their phone,to get access to services in any region across Europe.”

That sounds a bit more scary, doesn’t it?

To push this forward, the powerful foundations of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, as well as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have long been promoting mega-government databases with biometric digital identity numbers of all citizens in pioneer India and since then in many other countries.

For this, they have also, together with the World Economic Forum, established initiatives and institutes, such as ID2020. Known Traveller Digital Identity, The Commons Project (CommonPass) and the Vaccination Credential Initiative.

And for many years, they have been busy developing scenarios for a transition to authoritarian governance over intimidated citizens who willingly submit to total control in exchange for security, with names like Lock Step or Lone Wolves.

Money to be usable only for the obedient

The services that, according to Thales’ vision, will require digital proof of identity and disclosure of data include payment transactions. In the words of the Thales expert:

“”It gets really exciting when you realise that the wallet can host both digitalised identity and payment credentials. This could allow people, for example, to pay a deposit on a new apartment or settle an outstanding speeding fine directly from their smartphone.”

Again, one need only replace “allow to” with “would be a prerequisite for” to see the potential: ” This could be a prerequisite, for example, for people to pay a deposit on a new apartment or to settle an outstanding speeding fine.”

The same organizations that are pushing biometric digital identity are also pushing to eliminate the ability to pay cash.

In parallel with the digital identity project, the EU has also moved to outlaw cash payments over 10,000 euros. This is certainly no coincidence.

Even before the cap has been formally introduced, France is already pushing to lower the limit. This is perfectly in line with the recommendations of an IMF-paper on ways to abolish cash against popular resistance, named “The macroeconomics of de-cashing“. It recommends starting with a high, unoffensive limit and lowering it progressively.

When cash use is fully criminalized, the data that the banks record and store on us, will become a detailed digital logfile of our entire lives. Those who can access it, will be able to see at some date in, say, 2040, what we did on September 5, 2023, and with whom.

And everyone will become entirely dependent on the goodwill of governments. Because anyone who has a blocking notice stapled to their digital identity can no longer pay anything and will thus be unable to do many of the most basic things independently.

In addition to the respective government, the U.S. government can also set this blocking notice almost worldwide. It can do so, because all internationally active banks depend on its permission to trade in dollars, due to the dollar’s global currency function. Therefore, they do not dare to ignore sanction orders from Washington and will not do business with sanctioned persons, companies or countries.

For this reason, even the Bundesbank has already gone into breach of contract with Iranian banks, just so as not to upset the U.S. government, which had decided to terminate the nuclear agreement with Iran and slap sanctions on Iran, against the will of its European allies.

Already back in June, Thales had headlined: “Covid-19 health passports can push open the door to a digital ID revolution.”

This was in an article on the companies website, directed at its customers. It urges the company’s government customers to “regard the pandemic as an opportunity to create a platform for more ambitious digitalisation of their identity and health credentials.” And further:

“”To facilitate the transition from short-term relief to ambitious redesign of public service delivery, the health pass can be extended into a wide-ranging and capable digital ID/health wallet. Significantly, this provides a secure and intuitive smartphone-based location for an array of digital ID and health credentials.”

Another quote from this article shows, how much data they want to collect in these mobile ID-wallets and force us to present it, whenever we want to do something in public or use some services:

” “In health, forward-thinking ministries can digitalise not just vaccine certificates, but also general health and insurance credentials, as well as donor cards. Trusted online authentication also opens the door to efficient and user-friendly services such as ePrescriptions, and secure, user-controlled sharing of health attributes. Similarly, ministries responsible for travel credentials can use the wallet to facilitate the creation of digital companions for physical passports.”

This would have the – entirely intended – side effect of turning Silicon Valley platform corporations into world passport authorities.

As a special bonus, Thales holds out the prospect of governments being able to use this to tell their citizens individually and directly what they should and should not do:

“”The pandemic has also highlighted the value of instant and effective messaging by public bodies. The wallet creates a direct channel of communication between government and citizen, via the near-ubiquitous smartphone.”

“1984” is getting closer and closer.

The Rockefeller Foundation came early to the game

The Rockefeller Foundation wrote in April 2020 in the position paper “National COVID-19-testing action plan“, drawn-up and published only a few weeks into the pandemic:

“”Those screened must be given a unique patient identification number that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions. Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers.”

That the Rockefeller Foundation knew so early in the pandemic where things were headed is due less to their clairvoyant abilities than to their influence, which allows them to get what they want. After all, as part of ID2020, they have long been working toward the stated goal of giving every citizen of the earth a biometric digital identity by 2030, with plans and scenarios of how to use pandemics and immunization-drives to reach this goal.

That one of the companies which make their money working for governments and the intelligence apparatus says openly that vaccination passes are just a step in the transition to a society, in which we have to show our papers, i.e. data, at every step and become totally dependent on the good graces of the government for everything we want to do, is further evidence for the thesis of my forthcoming book “Endspiel des Kapitalismus” (The Endgame of Capitalism). In it, I argue that the elites are aware that the Ponzi scheme of late stage capitalism will soon crash and are trying to transition us to a neo-feudal society, in which they can continue to hold most of the power and wealth.


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