ID 2020 – a unified digital identity for everybody on earth

April 21, 2020 | Eric Wagner of multipolar has written a piece on ID2020, which cites translated sections from my reporting in German. Since I have not gotten around to translating my recent writing on ID2020, I take this opportunity to familiarize international readers with this creepy campaign. The following is the second part of a multipolar-article. A link to the first part on mass vaccinations is at the end.

Eric Wagner. The “Digital Identity Alliance”, or “ID 2020”, says it is concerned with the creation of a digital identity that will enable people to identify themselves across borders while retaining control over their personal data. The founding partners of the project are Gates’ company Microsoft, the Gates-sponsored vaccination alliance GAVI, the management consultancy Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the oldest and wealthiest foundations in the USA.

Since September 2019, the “Digital Identity Alliance” has been cooperating with the government of Bangladesh to introduce digital identities. This involves combining vaccinations with the recording of biometric data, such as fingerprints, to enable digital identification of the respective person.

By February 2020, 100 million digital identities had been created, as the responsible minister reported in an article for the World Economic Forum. This collection is marketed as “digital inclusion”, supposedly to include disadvantaged people in the benefits of the modern world.

Traveling only with a “digital immunity proof”?

Also in Europe, the first approaches to establish the technology are emerging. Journalist Norbert Häring, for example, reports on an application within the framework of the “Known Traveller” program of the World Economic Forum, which provides for an initially voluntary data release for preferred handling in air travel. In the long term, however, a mandatory regulation also appears possible, once the system has been established. Gates explained on 24 March in an interview with TED host Chris Anderson:

“Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who is a recovered person, who is a vaccinated person, because you don’t want people moving around the world where you have some countries, that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for those people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be sort of this digital immunity proof, that will help facilitate the global re-opening up [after the lockdown].

The last – very explosive – sentence was cut out in the official TED version of the interview (minute 33:55). Norbert Häring comments on this:

“Having the proof in digital form sounds practical because it’s faster and easier. But if a digital proof for international travel is to be globally applicable, it needs a storage location for the receipts that is considered secure and generally accessible, a standard for data exchange that works everywhere, and a global standard for certifying the authenticity of such a proof. The Known Traveller Program, which is being driven by the US Homeland Security and the World Economic Forum, wants to develop and implement all of this. Bill Gates is one of the most influential members of the World Economic Forum, if not the most influential.

The current cooperation between Google and Apple in providing a unified corona app to identify possible Covid-19 infected individuals for the two all-dominant mobile phone operating systems Android and iOS could create the globally accessible storage location. (…) And already the Known Traveller program is ready with a first application. (…) Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to travel and use the app, or whether they prefer to stay at home.

Since Google and Apple are working closely and trustfully with the security authorities and intelligence agencies anyway, it will not be a problem to add further application areas. First of all, the security authorities can check the box “may not travel” or “to be watched closely” if necessary. After that, the system could be further refined at will (…) Thanks to Covid-19, the Brave New World is approaching in giant strides.

In the long term, the measures allow for comprehensive control to which anyone who still wishes to participate in any way in life is to be exposed. The current crisis situation now appears to provide a suitable pretext for accelerating the implementation of such plans.

“We will give this vaccine to seven billion people”

Fittingly, the leading German TV news program “ARD Tagesthemen” offered Gates a platform on 12 April to present his project to the German public. The host, Ingo Zamperoni, acted as Gates’ assistant in a discussion which resembled more a press conference of the BMGF than a news programme interested in clarification. Fully in line with Gates, Zamperoni came to the conclusion that “despite all our efforts, we will only be able to control the pandemic if we develop a vaccine”.

Gates agreed and stressed that we could only return to normality “when we have either found a miracle cure that works in 95 percent of cases or when we have developed a vaccine”. He also emphasized that “we” (!) will ultimately administer the vaccine to be developed “to seven billion people”. The question arises as to who Gates is thinking of when he speaks of “we” in this context. One may assume that it is also the institutions supported by his foundation.

A more critical approach to the Gates Foundation and its activities as well as thorough information on the developments already underway, especially in the combination of vaccination activism, digital identity and far-reaching control and surveillance, seems urgently necessary.

Which measures have meanwhile become possible is demonstrated by the legal permission of forced testing, forced vaccination and forced treatment in Denmark. The failure to make such measures and structures known to a wider public could, in the current crisis situation, result in a society sleepwalking into a police and surveillance state, about which it may not become fully aware until the digital handcuffs have already closed.

About the author: Eric Wagner, born in 1990, studied education, history and political science in Leipzig, followed by Southeast European studies in Belgrade and Ljubljana. He works as an educator at a free community school in Germany.

The first part of the article is on the vaccination activism of the Gates Foundation and on the various health institutions relevant in the current Corona-pandemic which have received money from the Gates foundation. You may read it on the website multipolar.

The Gates Foundation’s Vaccination Activism

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