WHO chief panics over strong resistance to the pandemic treaty

24 Januar 2024 | On 22 January, the World Health Organisation (WHO) held a briefing to update member states on the status of negotiations on a global pandemic treaty and the tightening of the International Health Regulations (IHR). The WHO Director-General’s rant against critics shows how frayed his nerves have become due to the stalling of his plans to expand his own power.

In his opening speech Tedros Gehbreyesus said:

“Member States have committed to the historic task of delivering a pandemic agreement and a package of amendments to improve the International Health Regulations to the World Health Assembly in May of this year. (…) This work is not easy, and it is occurring in a very difficult environment. The INB and the IHR working group are operating amid a torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories.

There are those who claim that the pandemic agreement and IHR will cede sovereignty to WHO and give the WHO Secretariat the power to impose lockdowns or vaccine mandates on countries. You know this is fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories. These claims are completely false. You know that the agreement will give WHO no such powers, because you are writing it.

We cannot allow this historic agreement, this milestone in global health, to be sabotaged by those who spread lies, either deliberately or unknowingly. We need your support to counter these lies, by speaking up at home and telling your citizens that this agreement and an amended IHR will not, and cannot, cede sovereignty to WHO and that it belongs to the Member States.”

One could take this seriously if it were not so easy to prove that it is sheer, desperate polemic. After all, none other than a review committee formed by representatives of some member states ruled a year ago that a number of the proposals under consideration would disempower member states in favour of the WHO. Seen in this light, the Director-General himself is spreading grossly misleading information when he claims that only malicious, lying or stupid minds would think up the danger of a loss of national sovereignty in order to sabotage the WHO in its divine work.

The issue of vaccination mandates is also not as clear-cut as the head of the WHO makes it out to be. After all, the WHO has adopted the infamous EU vaccination passport as a permanent institution for worldwide use if required. If you make it a prerequisite for international travel, you are already very close to an indirect  vaccination mandate. All that is needed is an agreement between the WHO, the USA, the EU and perhaps China and India. All other countries would de facto have no say.

Compulsory vaccination forever – WHO adopts digital EU Covid certificate as global standard
5 June 2023 | In June, the legal basis for the digital EU Covid certificates expires. These allow proof of vaccinations or tests which are required for travel or participation in social activites. The WHO is now adopting this digital infrastructure as a permanent model for global travel. Thus, the requirment for anyone wishing to travel to follow up-to-date WHO vaccination recommendations will become a permanent feature. The WHO will be able to activate it any time, if given the new powers foreseen in the pandemic treaty and the reformed International Health Regulations.

Unfortunately for Tedros, many of the less powerful states, who fear the loss of sovereignty above all else, have already smelled a rat and are not willing to be disempowered so easily in favour of the big pharmaceutical companies of the industrialised countries. This is why the WHO chief feels compelled to urge and admonish:

“There are still important differences under discussion. And these are difficult discussions. (…) As I said this morning, you will not reach consensus if everyone remains entrenched in their positions. It will take patience, courage, innovative thinking, and above all, compromise, and finding a middle ground. To deliver on time, everyone will have to give something, or no one will get anything.”

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The first Director-General of the WHO made no secret of his anti-democratic plans for the organization
28 June 2023 | Brock Chisholm, founder and first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), was quite outspoken about his desire to wean people of any loyalty to their family, their nations or other groups and alienate them from their cultures in order to establish a technocratic world government. This seems to be the agenda of the globalists to this day.

The WHO/pharma health dicatorship is taking shape
11 December 2022 | Government representatives have agreed to negotiate a first draft of a binding WHO pandemic treaty on the basis of a “conceptual zero draft” that is already available. It has obligations to constantly check for any possibly new virus, to give subsidies to pharma and to stockpile vaccines, support for medical patents and the right for the WHO to rule over pandemic responses via expert teams, sent into affected countries.

Both my videos on the WHO’s global pandemic treaty are now available with closed caption in English
13 April 2022 | The videos on a transhumanistic future with the WHO’s intended global pandemic treaty and the video on the normalization of the state of emergency by that treaty (two-parter) are now both available with closed-caption in English on Youtube.

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