Papers please! EU heralds end of uncontrolled activities

18 March 2021 | The EU Commission aims to have a Europe-wide infrastructure for a digital vaccination pass ready in time for summer travel. Without it, people will hardly be able to travel, possibly not even domestically, and will not be able to go to the movies, restaurants or shopping. We will always be told: “Papers, please!

They obviously wanted to avoid the terms vaccination passport or health passport, so the commission’s March 17th announcement labelled it a “Digital Green Certificate”. To imagine what it will be used for, one need only look to the south German town of Tübingen, where a trial of a daily health pass is currently underway. The pass is obtained with a negative rapid test. Those who have it are allowed to go shopping, to restaurants and to the theater. Those who do not possess it are not allowed such activities. The direct model seems to be the green vaccination pass that has been introduced in Israel to determine who gets to enter establishments and who has to stay outside.

The EU permit can hold information on a Corona vaccination, a survived infection or a negative test, each with their different expiration dates.

In its announcement, the Commission discusses mainly international travel. But there does not seem to be anything that would prevent restaurants, lawmakers or hoteliers from making such a green pass a condition for all sorts of activities and admissions domestically.

It cannot be pointed out enough how nonsensical this is in terms of the purpose it is supposed to serve. Once everyone who wants to be vaccinated has received the vaccine, there is no reason to protect them from Corona, and those who do not want to be vaccinated need not and should not be forcibly protected from infection by deprivation of their civil and human rights. To build such a surveillance Infrastructure only for the perhaps two or three month’s window between completion of the passport infrastructure and the time when all those willing to be vaccinated can be vaccinated is grossly disproportionate.

The countless promises made by German and EU-politicians  that no one was planning compulsory vaccination then show themselves to be what they were from the start: Pulling the wool over our eyes. After all, who wants to be Corona-tested every single day just to go about their normal life, not to mention that it could become increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain such a test certificate for the green pass.

The EU continues to pretend that they only recently and only through Corona came up with this idea of a vaccination pass. This is deception. This concept has been worked on since 2018, With this lead time and the great support that is likely to be received for this from Microsoft, Accenture and Co. it is a bit less surprising that this should come together so quickly.

The EU roadmap to the digital vaccination card

We are being made fools of here, plain and simple. It’s all about implementing the ID2020 agenda.

The Commission’s press release emphasizes that this green certificate will only be temporary until the World Health Organization announces the end of the pandemic. Whether that will ever happen, given the ever-new “mutants” to fear, is an open question. But even if it does, the relevant regulation is merely suspended and can be reactivated at any time, for the next pandemic or for some other purpose deemed sufficiently important, such as to distinguish terrorists from non-terrorists.

The EU passport is to be verified offline, but there is also the still unspecified online option.

ID 2020 – a unified digital identity for everybody on earth

The Commission’s service is to provide a public key infrastructure across Europe that will allow anyone who wants or needs to verify passes to check whether the issuer of the pass, who has a private key, for example a doctor’s office, is actually the originator of the document.

As privacy expert Jaap-Henk Hoepman notes in his analysis on Twitter, this passport solution makes it the norm to have to show ID to obtain your passport. This is because the pass requires an identity document to prove that you are the person named on it.

It’s quite possible that the complicated EU-wide key management system won’t work at all in the end, just as the contact-tracking apps hyped as saviors in emergencies have ultimately been of little use. But at least they were allowed to try it out in all openness and learned how to do it right and better if they want to take their population under total control.

How things are expected to proceed on the way to implementing the ID2020 plan of Microsoft, Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and Accenture can be read in a very recent position paper of the Association of German Banks, which bears the beautiful title: “Digital identities – steps on the way to an ID ecosystem”. I won’t go into it in detail here, because it is – conveniently here in German for once – a description of the ID2020/Known Traveler agenda, which I have already described here several times. In short, it’s about giving everyone one unique number for all purposes, so that absolutely all information about the numbered human can be easily and reliably collected, stored, and retrieved.

Ursula von der Leyen wants to push a unified digital identity on all EU-citizens

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