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The Endgame of Capitalism A giant Ponzi scheme runs its course as elites prepare for the day after Introduction   Part 1: Power to the corporations A pandemic exposes the prerogatives of capital Applause instead of money for the systemically important Cui bono? Subsidies for tax fugitives Luxury booms in the crisis The power of […]

The Endgame of Capitalism

My latest book “Endspiel des Kapitalismus” (The Endgame of Capitalism) was published in October 2021 by Quadriga. The Endgame of Capitalism A giant Ponzi scheme runs its course as elites prepare for the day after The Author (CV) Table of Contents Introduction Reading samples from … World government illustrated: The World Economic Forum The nature […]

Italy beware! MP Draghi has authored a toxic guide on how to restructure an economy

28 March 2021 | Mario Draghi has recently been put in charge of the Italian government without ever campaigning in a popular election. Have the parties who agreed to that done their due dilligence? Have they read Draghi’s recent guide to „Reviving and restructuring the corporate sector“. It boils down to: Let small companies go […]

Papers please! EU heralds end of uncontrolled activities

18 March 2021 | The EU Commission aims to have a Europe-wide infrastructure for a digital vaccination pass ready in time for summer travel. Without it, people will hardly be able to travel, possibly not even domestically, and will not be able to go to the movies, restaurants or shopping. We will always be told: […]

Ursula von der Leyen wants to push a unified digital identity on all EU-citizens

27 September 2020 | The President of the EU-Commission plans to give all EU citizens a European digital identity which can “be used anywhere in Europe to do anything from paying taxes to renting a bike”. She wants to implement for Europe what ID2020, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and Homeland Security are […]

The EU wants to know whether you would like more censorship of the internet

September 4, 2020 | The EU Commission has announced a legislative package on digital services. In preparation, a public survey of citizens and companies has been launched. Among other things, it is concerned with the fight against so-called disinformation, i.e. content that is legal but is considered “harmful”.

ID 2020 – a unified digital identity for everybody on earth

April 21, 2020 | Eric Wagner of multipolar has written a piece on ID2020, which cites translated sections from my reporting in German. Since I have not gotten around to translating my recent writing on ID2020, I take this opportunity to familiarize international readers with this creepy campaign. The following is the second part of […]

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