How this Blog has Made a Difference

In the first six years of this blog, my reporting has made a difference here and there. It contributed to the break-up of the anti-labor Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) and to the European Central Bank no longer sending a representative as a member of the shady G30 group…

My reporting exposed an internationally coordinated campaign to abolish cash (Dossier) and that the Indian population was used as guinea pigs by this campaign when cash was temporarily abolished in 2016 (Dossier).

The “Beitragsservice”, the entity of the public broadcasters in Germany which collects the obligatory fee that is used to finance public radio and TV, certainly regrets by now that they have not allowed me to pay my dues in cash. I have taken the case to court in order to obstruct the anti-cash campaign. The case has reached the European Court of Justice (Dossier). My reporting hat also severely damaged the reputation of the German Council of Economic Advisors (Sachverständigenrat Wirtschaft) as an objective provider of economic advice, by exposing many instances of cheating bias and scientific fraud (available only in German). My reporting also helped to prevent the robbery of taxpayers’ money by privatizing the motorway network, attempted by the “Fratzscher Commission”. I reported persistently until the other media and unions finally woke up (only in German).

More on the IZA story is here.

A Dossier on the ECB and the G30 is here.



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