Relaunch of “Money and More”

February 7, 2020 | Dear readers, after almost six years it was time for modernizing this website. The most important changes are a dynamic layout and secure (https-)connections. There are some further improvements, in particular in this English-language section of the website. …

I have expanded the menu for the English pages and I intend to publish significantly more articles in English than I have done in the past.

It is now easier to find the blog posts on a topic that interests you in one place. Under the title of each post you will find categories and keywords related to this post. Clicking on them takes you to a collection of blog post from this category or with this keyword, sorted by date.

Alternatively, you can see and access all available categories in the menu and an alphabetical list of keywords in the right sidebar (or for mobile users below).

I hope you will like the new layout, functions and content of this blog. It so, I would be grateful, if you pointed others to it. It not, do let me know what I can do to make it better.

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