Best of the first 100 issues of “real world economics review”

6 July 2022 | The hundredth issue of the real-world economics review, arguably the most influential non-orthodox economics journal, has just been published. For this issue, founder Edward Fullbrook has selected the most programmatic and important articles from 22 years since the journal’s launch.

In 2010, Michael Hudson described the American crisis management strategy of printing money at the expense of the rest of the world. What we are currently experiencing can be seen as the endgame of what Hudson describes.

Richard Smith (2013) argues that capitalism’s growth imperative and extreme inequality are incompatible with living within planetary boundaries, and that a transition to a different form of economy is therefore imperative.

Neva Goodwin (2021) looks at the origins of consumerism as an economic and cultural model and how to overcome it.

There are many more articles in the volume that hold much interesting analysis for readers with a background in economics. I’ll let the titles speak for themselves. You can download a PDF of the entire anniversary issue, or PDFs of individual articles, using the links below.


Introduction to RWER issue 100

Real Science Is Pluralist
issue no. 5 – 2001 Edward Fullbrook

Is There Anything Worth Keeping in Standard Microeconomics?
issue no. 12 – 2002 Bernard Guerrien

How Reality Ate Itself: Orthodoxy, Economy & Trust
issue no. 18 – 2003 Jamie Morgan

What is Neoclassical Economics?
issue no. 6 – 2006 Christian Arnsperger and Yanis Varoufakis

A financial crisis on top of the ecological crisis: Ending the monopoly of neoclassical economics
issue no. 49 – 2009 Peter Söderbaum

U.S. “quantitative easing” is fracturing the Global Economy
issue no. 55 – 2010 Michael Hudson

Capitalism and the destruction of life on Earth: Six theses on saving the

issue no. – 64 Richard Smith

Secular stagnation and endogenous money
issue no. 66 – 2014 Steve Keen

Piketty and the resurgence of patrimonial capitalism
issue no. 69 – 2014 Jayati Ghosh

Capital and capital: the second most fundamental confusion
issue no. 69 – 2014 Edward Fullbrook

Deductivism – the fundamental flaw of mainstream economics
issue no. 74 – 2016 Lars Pålsson Syll

Radical paradigm shifts
issue no. 85 – 2018 Asad Zaman

Growthism: its ecological, economic and ethical limits
issue no. 87 – 2019 Herman Daly

Producing ecological economy
issue no. 87 – 2019 Katharine N. Farrell

Economism and the Econocene: a coevolutionary interpretation
issue no. 87 – 2019 Richard B. Norgaard

Inequality challenge in pursued economies
issue no. 92 – 2021 Richard C. Koo

What is economics? A policy discipline for the real world
issue no. 96 – 2021 James K. Galbraith

Consumerism and the denial of values in economics
issue no. 96 – 2021 Neva Goodwin

Of Copernican revolutions – and the suddenly-marginal marginal mind at the dawn of the Anthropocene
issue no. 96 – 2021 Richard Parker

Postscript: RWER is for everyone and no one
Jamie Morgan

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