Greek edition of „The Abolition of Cash and the Consequences“ presented at the seat of the colonial governement

Last week, the Greek edition of my book “Die Abschaffung des Bargelds und die Folgen” (The Abolition of Cash and the Consequences) was published by Livanis. A book presentation took place at the Hilton Hotel in Athens, which is the operating basis of the Troika, the real government of Greece.

The Hilton is a pricy Hotel. It costs Greece 60.000 Euros a day to house the 54 (!) representatives of “the Institutions” (those who must not be named),not to mention 750 police employed in three shifts to protect them, secret service agents and a fleet of limousines and helicopters. To this Hotel, those who must not be named like to call the representatives of the Greek government to hand them their latest orders.

Livanis could hardly have chosen a more fitting venue. It is unknown, though, how many copies those who must not be named have acquired. Their latest measure against cash, which they have dictated into the writing blocks of the Greek parliament is a law which forces all Greek employees to spend a certain percentage of their salaries using cards rather than cash, if they do not want to loose the personal income tax allowance. [17.1.2017]


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