The biometric-digital marking of all citizens of the world is becoming reality

12 November 2023 | Shortly after it has become known that hackers are offering the identity data of most Indians from the world’s largest digital identity database for sale, the European Parliament and Council have agreed to introduce something similar for Europeans, while Washington praises the Ukrainian version as an export model and Bill Gates […]

Nigerian central bank president arrested after his anti-cash campaign

13 June 2023 | The governor of the Nigerian central bank was removed and arrested by the new government on 9 June. The background is the drastic restriction of citizens’ access to cash for which he was responsible, which has severely damaged the economy, plunged many unbanked people into hardship and robbed many of their […]

How WHO is controlling social media

4 December 2022 | The World Health Organization (WHO) has a webpage, which lists and describes the various ways in which the UN-organization, which is predominantly financed by large corporations and their foundations, is controlling and manipulating social media to make sure that only their version of science and truth gets distributed widely. It is […]

US is pushing Europe to agree to automated large-scale sharing of biometric data

27 July 2022 | Washington is currently strong-arming individual European governments and the EU to agree to an automated International Biometric Information Sharing Agreement, This would create a vast computer-searchable database with biometric and biographic Information of all citizens of Europe, the US and a number of other countries.

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