Norbert Häring has been working for Handelsblatt in various positions since 2002. However, this is a private website. What is written here should not be read as the opinion of Handelsblatt.

Handelsblatt is Germany’s leading business newspaper based in Düsseldorf with a circulation of around 140,000 and read by about 500.000 people daily (according to AWA). It is published daily Monday through Friday, by the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, a subsidiary of Dieter von Holtzbrinck Medien GmbH. Editors in Chief are Sven Afhüppe and Hans-Jürgen Jakobs.

Norbert Häring works in the Frankfurt office. From February 2002 until July 2014 he had an (almost) daily column in which he explained economic issues and interests in everyman’s language and often politically incorrect. He is currently responsible for the weekly page of Handelsblatt on economic research.

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