Rap-battle with Dijsselbloem, Varoufakis, Merkel, Putin

You have to see this Video from dutch TV. Translateion from Pastebin: ‘Jeroen Dijsselbloem’: “I’m Jeroen Dijsselbloem, minister of finance and political phenomenon. Due to the frown line on my forehead and my penny-pinching look, you can immediately see that I’m an expert. I’m the right man for this position, let the Greek come my way- I will make them mad. I will get the money back, as it is my duty- and you cannot

stop me, Yanis Varoufakis

‘Yanis Varoufakis’:”What I will do, or will not do, is something that I will decide myself. Come on, shake my hand, I don’t have HIV. What are you looking at, with your penny-pinching face? We are our own country, not an European colony.

You think you’re an expert, where did you study? Wagingen? Well, congratulations. I taught economics at Cambridge. But hey, you can tell me, what are we doing wrong?”

‘Jeroen Dijsselbloem’: “your economy is one big mess, we supported that shit with our billions. Now you expect us to say goodbye to that loan- you are just f*cking us the Greek way. “

‘Yanis Varoufakis’: “you want your money back? That will be very difficult, as it is impossible to squeeze blood out of water.”

‘Jeroen Dijsselbloem’: “OK Yanis, you wanted this yourself. Angela, KILL!”

‘Angela Merkel’: “M to the E-R-K-E-L, get started please, and hurry up. Jeroen, move along, I will kick some ass. I’m not being disrespectful, but I have the biggest balls.

OK, Varoufakis, now it ends, you are going to pay us that money back!

No more discussion, or I will throw you out of the EU- and you will be living on the street, wearing old clothes.”

‘Yanis Varoufakis’: “… and we will be riding donkeys and eat rocks; you can not really mean those stupid threats. I’m opening the door, and you are kicking it back? Fine by me, just chill, I will just go to Poetin.”

‘Vladimir Putin’: “P-Putin in tha house, the most feared person in the West. Are you bullying the Greek people again? Just continue doing that, and you will get into trouble. Just send them to me, and you can start testing Poetin.

Just come to me, Yanis, as I’m not afraid of them. If you mess with Athens, you mess with Moscow. If you are f*cking Varoufakis, Putin will get you. Now you forgot what you wanted to say- don’t you?”

‘Angela Merkel’: “shut your mouth, Greece is ours.”

 ‘Jeroen Dijsselbloem’: “Exactly what Angela is saying, only then with a bigger frown line.”

‘Vladimir Putin’:”… Just break up Varoufakis, ditch that woman.”

‘Yanis Varoufakis’: “…give me some time to think, I will get back with response.”

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