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 (January 2015)

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 Norbert Häring (born 1963) was elected by the members of the Keynes-Gesellschaft (Keynes-Society) to receive the Keynes-Prize for Economic Writing 2014.

He lives with his Family in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He grew up on a farm in southern Germany. He studied economics in Heidelberg and Saarbrücken. In Saarbrücken he obtained a Ph.D. in economics with a thesis on the political economy of regional subsidies.

 For a large German commercial bank he worked for three years, first in the economics department, then as a speach writer and Managing Editor of the annual and quarterly reports.

 In 1997 he went into economic journalism. He worked for Börsen-Zeitung, first as a correspondent, then as head of the department for economic conditions and economic policy. From there, he went to become one of the founding members of the Editorial staff of Financial Times Deutschland, where he worked first as a correspondent for monetary policy, later as deputy chief of the department banks and financial markets.

 In 2002 he joined Handelsblatt., für das er seither schreibt. Until 2012 his main field was monetary policy, but he also reported on financial markets, bankng supervision, the economy and economic Research. In autumn 2002 he convened the Shadow ECB Council, a Group of 15 eminent economists from financial institutions, universities and research institutes. In their regular meetings they discuss monetary policy and issue recommendations to the European Central Bank. He serves as non-voting chairman of the group.

From February 2012 to August 2014 he had a (almost) daily column in Handelsblatt, in which he explained economic issues in everyman's language and at times in a politically incorrect way. He is responsible for the weekly page of Handelsblatt on economic research.

 Norbert Häring is author (with Olaf Storbeck) of the best-selling book „Ökonomie 2.0“, which won the title economics book of the year 2007 by getAbstract and was translated into English (Economics 2.0) and four other languages, as well as the author of four other popular books on economics.

 He is co-founder and co-director of the World Economics Association. Founded in 2011, it is the second largest association of economists worldwiede with about 12.000 members. Its Goal is to promote pluralism in economics, in the regional Dimension as well as with regard to the methods and objects of study. Norbert

 He likes to play backgammon and volleyball, runs. hikes and enjoys Windsurfing. 


Publications in English: 

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  • Money Talks.
    Interview by Lars Schall, Asian Times Online, 17. April 2013.
  • Presentation and discussion with Lord Robert Skidelsky und Steve Keen at the annual meeting of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, in Hong Kong, April 6, 2013 in the plenary session „Economics and the Powerful“(from minute 32:20).